AME 50548

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Course Description: This course covers materials processing and advanced manufacturing approaches as they are applied to biomedical science and engineering. These include photolithography, softlithography, AFM and SEM-based fabrication, 3D micro-nanofabrication for applications such as microfluidics, and scaffold production for tissue engineering.

We will be studying mechanotransduction and the cellular forces, nanoparticles, nanoscale structures as functional bio-interfaces, peptide-nanoparticle assemblies, nanoparticle-biomolecule hybrids as bioactive materials, self-assembling peptides scaffolds for 3-dimensional tissue / cell cultures, and magnetic cell separation to enrich for rare cells. Other topics include:

  1. Introduction to microfabrication
  2. Microscale modifications of materials for controlling cellular microenvironments
  3. Microfabrication approaches for scaffold fabrication
  4. Micromechanical control of cell-cell interactions and study of cellular forces
  5. Microfabrication techniques for microfluidic devices
  6. Lab-on-a-chip impedance detection of microbial and cellular activity
  7. Human-on-chip modeling of drug metabolism
  8. Introduction to nanofabrication
  9. Nanoparticle functionalization with biomolecules for therapeutics and imaging agents
  10. Nanoscale modifications of materials for controlling cellular microenvironments
  11. Nanofabrication approaches for scaffold fabrication

Relevant AME Concentrations:

Design and Manufacturing