Directing Stem Cell Fate in Biomimetic Environments
Vascularization of Engineered Tissues
Investigating Cellular Interactions
3D Microfabricated Tissues
Development of Muscle Actuators for Biobots

Welcome to the Zorlutuna Lab

Zorlutuna Lab's research focus on designing biomimetic environments for understanding and controlling cell behavior, and cell-cell and cell-environment interactions using tissue engineering, genetic engineering and micro- and nanotechnology.

Research Projects

Cardiovascular Tissue Engineering GraphicCardiovascular Tissue Engineering

Engineering multicellular complex tissues is important for regenerative medicine applications and in designing novel platforms for understanding cell-cell/cell-environment interactions, disease progress, drug screening and tissue/organ development.

Active Matter GraphicElectromechanical Signal Transduction in Engineered Tissues

Aim of this project is to study the electrical and mechanical interactions of the cardiac tissue cells using micropatterned cardiac cell co-cultures.

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