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AME 20241 - Solid Mechanics

Course description: This course serves as an introduction to the concepts of stress and strain, material properties, deflections of bars under axial, torsional and bending loads, statically indeterminate problems, and stress transformations, including related experimental laboratory exercises.

The focus of this course is to develop a theoretical and experimental understanding of the fundamental concepts of solid mechanics which underlie the design and analysis of all mechanical structural systems.  In this course students will learn and demonstrate proficiency in problem solving skill related to these fundamental concepts as well as gain experience in the use of a variety of experimental devices common to mechanical testing through a lab component.  Topics covered include:

  • Stresses, strains, loads, deformation and displacements in tension, compression, shear, torsion and bending
  • Elasticity and inelasticity
  • Strain energy
  • Transformations of stress and strain
  • Buckling
  • Combined loadings
  • Thermal effects