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AME 60677 - Biomimetic Tissue Engineering

Course description: The course presents basic principles of biological, medical, and material science as applied to tissue engineering and regenerative medicine.

Biomimetic Tissue Engineering: Current Challenges and Emerging Applications for Microfabricated Cell-Biomaterial Constructs 

The focus of this course is the growing field of tissue engineering, with highlights from the current challenges in the filed and the emerging applications of engineered tissues. In this course we will first discuss the native tissue formation and maintenance process, and summarize the basic properties of the cells and the natural extracellular matrix that compose the natural tissues. Then, materials and fabrication approaches that have been used to mimic the natural tissue formation and organization for engineering biomimetic tissues will be highlighted. We will emphasize on specific applications of tissue engineering to regenerative medicine as well as new endeavors for engineered tissues such as organs-on-chip, biorobotics, tissue engineered meat and leather.