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Listing of all PhD, masters, and undergraduate students in the Zorlutuna Lab.

PhD Students


Uryan Isik Can

Isik focused on microfabrication and characterization of capacitive micromachined ultrasonic transducers (CMUTs) as an undergraduate member of Ultramems Research Group . She earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from Middle East Technical University in 2014. She joined the Zorlutuna Lab in Jan 2015 to research on Tissue Engineering. She is currently working on microfabrication methods for cell patterning.


Bradley EllisBradley W. Ellis

Bradley earned his Bachelors of Engineering in Bioengineering with a minor in Chemistry from the University of Pittsburgh in 2015 and is now perusing his PhD in the Bioengineering Graduate Program at Notre Dame. His undergraduate research was focused on ascertaining the role of microvascular pericytes in ascending aortic disease.  He is currently working in Dr. Zorlutuna's lab on designing and implementing microfluidic devices to study the effect of inflammation during and after heart attacks in a model that can mimic in vivo conditions.  Additionally, he will travel to the National University of Ireland, Galway to work with Dr. Abhay Pandit to study the effect of microfluidic environments on the carbohydrate profile of cardiac cells.


S. Gulberk Ozcebe

Gulberk earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Molecular Biology and Genetics from Middle East Technical University (METU) in Turkey, and is pursuing her PhD in Bioengineering Graduate Program in University of Notre Dame. She joined the Zorlutuna Lab in January 2017 and is currently working with induced pluripotent stem cell (iPSC) derived cardiomyocytes. Her focus is to develop a functional cardiac tissue model to mimic in vivo cardiac disease conditions. 


Gozde BasaraGozde Basara

Gozde earned her BS and MSc degree in Mechanical Engineering from Middle East Technical University (METU) in Turkey. She focused on the strength of the 3D printed plastics in her master’s studies. She joined the Zorlutuna Lab in August 2017. Her research interests are mainly on cell biomechanics.


Nicolas Chong

Nicolas Chong is a PhD student in Zorlutuna lab. Before matriculating, Nic had worked in two research-oriented start ups for the generation of agricultural products that do not rely on animals. Originally from Jamaica, Nic had spent some time living in Florida, where he had completed his Bachelors in Biology and Biochemistry, and his masters in bioengineering. Both degrees were obtained through Florida Atlantic University (FAU). During Nic’s master’s he focused on scaffold generation for bone tissue engineering. Nic also has experience working as a teacher, a writing consultant, and a microbiologist. It is his dream to pursue science in a way that is both applicable as well as meaningful.


Undergraduate Students

Lord BoachieLord Boachie

Lord Boachie is a junior Science Pre-professional student at the University of Notre Dame. He lives in Sorin Hall on campus. He is interested in the world of biotech and the solutions it brings to the healthcare field. His research at Zorlutuna's lab focuses on bio-printing cancer tumors and cells and testing different chemotherapeutic drugs on it. This is basically using modern concepts of tissue engineering to print living 3D cells and tumors that mimic the cancer microenvironment in humans. Outside of the world of academics, he is interested in soccer, piano, and cycling.

Kiera Dwyer Kiera Dwyer 

I am a Junior undergraduate at Notre Dame University pursuing a major in Chemical Engineering and a minor in Bioengineering. Originally, I am from Weymouth, MA, right outside of Boston. In the Zorlutuna Lab, I am working with Xiaoshan to use analysis of breast tissue in order to study the potential connection between breast cancer, age and diet. 

Stephen Landy Stephen Landy

I am a Junior undergraduate studying mechanical engineering and pre-medicine at the University of Notre Dame. I am from Columbus, Ohio. I am fascinated by tissue engineering, particularly in applications that use stem cells to create models for human disease. I am involved in Notre Dame’s chapter of Engineers Without Borders and volunteer in the emergency room at Memorial Hospital of South Bend. My other interests include hiking and photography. After graduation, I plan to attend medical school.

Sae RomeSae Rome Choi

I am a Junior at University of Notre Dame studying Chemical Engineering and pre-medicine. I am from Seoul, South Korea, but have lived in Central and South America for most of my teenage years. On campus, I am involved in various organizations including American Institute of Chemical Engineers and Timmy Global Health. My research in Dr. Zorlutuna's Lab involves designing microfluidics device to study the behavior of breast cancer cells and adipocytes in different stiffness of their environment.