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Post Doctoral Researchers

Post Doctoral Researchers

Eric WestonEric Weaver

Eric earned his Bachelor of Science degree from Rockhurst University in Kansas City, Missouri. During his time at Rockhurst he also worked in the lab of Dr. Ali Shilatifard at Stowers Institute for Medical Research assisting Dr. Shima Nakanishi on her research into the recruitment of RNA Polymerase II to target genes and subsequent initiation of transcription. Dr. Shilatifard's group focused on epigenetic misregulations involved in chronic and acute myeloid luekemia. During his time at Stowers Eric developed a passion for biomedical research and chose to focus his graduate studies on studying cancer development and progression. Eric earned his PhD from the University of Notre Dame in January of 2016 for his work in Amanda Hummon's group. Dr. Hummon's research group focuses on using biochemical and advanced mass spectrometric methods to study the development, progression and spread of colon cancer using in vitro model systems. Eric's current project focuses on combining the tissue engineering and microfluidics expertise of the Zorlutuna Lab with the analytical applications developed in the Hummon Lab to build and and analyze a more accurate model of colon cancer cell migration and metastasis.

Xiaoshan Yue

Xiaoshan earned her BS and MS degree in biology from Tsinghua University in China.  She get her Ph.D. degree in Bimolecular Engineering from Tokyo Institute of Technology in Japan.  In the meanwhile, she also worked in RIKEN as a Junior researcher in Nano Medical Engineering.  She did her postdoctoral training in proteomics and phosphoproteomics using mass spectrometry technique in University of Notre Dame.  Her research interest is integrating biological, bimolecular, bioengineering, and analytical chemistry methodologies to study mechanisms in life science.  She is currently working on establishing mammary gland-on-chip to unraveling the crosstalk between tumor and tumor microenvironment in controlled microsystems using hydrogel-based microwell array system and hydrogel-based micro channel system.  She is also studying the effect of aging ECM on cardiomyocyte functions.

Trung DungTrung Dung Nyugen

Trung Dung received his Bachelor Degree of Mechanical Engineering at Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology, Vietnam and Master of Engineering Degree at University of Malaya, Malaysia. Trung Dung earned his PhD at Queensland University of Technology, Australia under the supervision of Prof Yuantong Gu. His research interests include cell biomechanics, Finite Element Analysis (FEA), and Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM). Trung Dung joined the Zorlutuna Lab in Feb 2016 and is currently working on mechanical coupling and signal propagation in cardiac cells using bio-nanoindenter and FEA.